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retail office spaces

We discuss our client's needs, suggest and evaluate alternatives. Working closely with the client we determine the purpose of the space, which along with its corporate profile define the design. Our architectural approach also reflects in our handling of interiors. Our goal is to combine a flawless look with the required functionality and ergonomics while reflecting and supporting the client's corporate profile. C-bute architects take into consideration the space's current conditions and history without however being limited by those aspects. Your specific deadlines and corporate resources are always being respected. We consider architecture as a tool that supports our client's objectives and seeks to maximize its return on investment. For us, the completion of a project is the beginning of an ongoing relationship.


Our perception of a building is multidimensional:
The building as function.
The building as architectural form and morphology.
The building as a pole of attraction.
The building as part of an ensemble, as a link in the chain that is the city.
We treat a building as an integral part of its surroundings, as our aim is its integration to the immediate and wider urban fabric and their adjoined upgrade. Each of our projects is a proposal for innovation as a result of creative collaboration with the client.