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field architecture

The firm constantly follows up with the market and thus has knowledge of contemporary building materials. As a result, all modern technologies are being accurately applied. By executing comprehensive in-depth design studies we ensure that they can be fully implemented. Our document sets are supported with construction details, technical specifications and pre-specified building materials. With complete design studies and proper preparation we prevent contingencies arising during construction. Added costs or time delays are therefore cut to a minimum.


A successful space or building is the result of joined effort between specialists from various fields. We have developed a network of fully qualified and experienced consultants who can support and fully cover the client's potential requirements: structural and mechanical documents, graphics, lighting design, and ergonomics among others. We have access to an extensive network of suppliers and construction crews that covers all possible construction needs.

project management & construction

We calculate the construction budget and offer partial or complete contracting and construction administration services delivering the project finished and ready to occupy (turn-key construction) on the agreed date.
Our firm ensures quality by using specialized, experienced sub-contractors and construction crews and do not waver from agreed schedules. Should another contractor be chosen, we can offer support in the form of continuous supervision and technical advice, thus ensuring a flawless result for our clients.